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Pohanka Acura
13911 Lee Jackson Memorial Hwy, Chantilly, VA 20151
    (703) 968-6600

Business Hours

Monday: 6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Tuesday: 6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday: 6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Thursday: 6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday: 6:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM


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Latitude: 38.892223    Longitude: -77.429049


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Star Rating 5
After nearly 50 years, I now understand the difference between a salesman and a true professional. Yong Kim's patience, courtesy, and breadth of knowledge resulted in my feeling that he genuinely wanted to do right by me, not just in the sale portion but the subsequent ownership and driving part. He went out of his way to figure out my priorities and match them with the right car, and for an excellent price. The test drives were thorough, varied, and I drove away in my new TLX feeling confident. I will recommend him to friends without hesitation or qualification. Additionally, 'Flip' Carleton, Finance Manager, was fast, efficient, equally as professional, and made what is normally the least enjoyable part of the process -- hard as this is to believe -- actually fun. This is the 3rd Acura I have purchased from Pohanka, and by far and away the most fun, most relaxed, and best value all around. I have recommended Pohanka for years. Now I am going to add Yong Kim and 'Flip' Carleton to my must-have list. Great job!
Taiwah Z. Nyorkor Taiwah Z. Nyorkor
Star Rating 4
My experience started off a VERY rocky, but ended up being a breath of new car fresh air. I walked away with the vehicle that I wanted at an amazing price and the process was seamless. I was less than pleased initially, but the General Manager, Greg Altman and the Internet Sales Manager, Tish Thompson turned it all around for me and made my experience a happy one and I-m excited and tremendously pleased with the purchase of my new vehicle. After learning of my experience, Greg actually called me and apologized and cared enough to listen and work with me to make this vehicle purchase a reality. He could have easily disregarded me and not cared, but he truly cares. Tish is an amazing Sales Manager. No schemes or cheesy sales tactics, just honest conversation and laughter. She-s professional, witty, intelligent, and accommodating. She gladly picked up the ball after it was dropped and slam dunked it! She is a rockstar of a Sales Manager and very skilled at what she does. In an age where great customer service is a fleeting thing, it is such a beautiful feeling knowing that there are people like Greg and Tish who are committed to providing great customer and who actually care especially when dealing with something as expensive and large as the purchase of a new vehicle. Thank you Tish and Greg for making me a believer in seeing why Pohanka Acura is highly rated and the largest and best Acura dealership in North America. Keep up the great work! You both are awesome and I wish you both continued success.
Charlie in DC Charlie in DC
Star Rating 1
Nice sales person who did an excellent job with the Pohanka Acura "defense" sales verbiage. He gets 5 stars. Note: I am a deal hunter who refuses to bend to dealer's pricing tactics and gamemanship (should be unsportsmanlike conduct) and one who refuses to give them an extra $1k for something they get elsewhere from someone else more willing to give it up. My attempt to do buy (with my deal in mind) from Pohanka Acura was to no avail. My ONE STAR experience below: When I made them an offer (lower than their retail + 700 corporate fee + tax) they continually denied it. They were pleasant, nice, and smiley in the beginning and tried to butter me up on how nice and unique the car is and how well they have treated it etc... BUT all they want is maximum profit from their 800+ cars. So, instead of selling me a vehicle at my price (which they still would have made $$ from), they maintained they have too much into it to "let it go" for my offer (yeah, your paying your own mechanics top rates for work they may not really have to be done or can be done elsewhere at 50% the cost). So call in my final offer ($1k more than my original offer). But as I am calling them on their "SALES BLUFF," the sales manager (the MANAGER Tony) hung up on me. Absolutely unprofessional. Absolutely sobering to what kind of folks "manage" used sales over at Pohanka. Again, Tony was nice at first but I seemed to call him out on his game and he did not take it lightly or too kindly. BTW, when I was there at 830p and made the initial offer, there were 10-15 sales guys and me. Just me. Not a whole lot of action going on and I was willing to buy and drive! These guys (Management, those in the "suits") just wants to squeeze your wallet and DEMAND you pay their price and take it as an insult if you call them on their SALES BLUFF. My experience with Pohanka Acura ended today, 8/16/18. I will be buying the vehicle I want at the price I want elsewhere without being hung up by a Sales Manager. Make no mistake, large dealerships are in it for the profit, not to make "deals." They don't want your pricing, they demand. I guess I get to go hunting again and maybe find something for a deal at a smaller, independent dealer who will work a deal with me.
Nichole Reigins Nichole Reigins
Star Rating 5
What a great dealership. I recently moved to this area for business, coming from CT I am used to that quick in and out experience. I was shocked, upon walking in I was greeted by the receptionist, she introduced her self and offered me coffee and tea! That was so pleasant. While I waited for the vehicle I picked out to arrive for a test drive I was kept busy with good conversation. I ended up purchasing the Acura, and of course, I love it. Thank You Pohanka Acura!
John J. John J.
Star Rating 5
I was very pleased with the customer service I received on April 24, 2018, during my most recent visit to Pohanka Acura in Chantilly, VA. Within a minute of pulling up to the service entrance, Kyle Schmidt greeted me at my car. I told him the service I was interested in. He pulled up the car's service record and inquired about several other services I might consider. He gave me an estimate for the time it would take to get the requested service done. The estimate was spot on. At no time when I dropped off the car or picked it up did he try to pressure me into any additional services. He kept the conversation casual but professional. I sincerely appreciate the outstanding customer service I received that day from Kyle.

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Rating 1 Stars   (1)
YP Review joowan
Star Rating 1
PLEASE CHECK GOOGLE REVIEWS AND YELP REVIEWS ON THIS PLACE AS WELL BEFORE EVEN STEPPING FOOT IN THIS PLACE! I go to the dealership to test drive a Certified Pre Owned model Acura TL listed at $17900,(I have a hard copy proof of their listing which indicates CPO status) and decided to sit down to work out a deal on 8/14/11, before negotiations went anywhere, the General Manager Lenny came over to assure me that he will not budge on any pricing, and that he will sell the car for the price he listed to someone else. We left the dealer immediately. Next evening, Monday, we receive a phone call from another manager named Bart that they will make a deal and we came to an agreement with on the phone which is $17950 all inclusive, warranty issue was not discussed, and we went ahead and made a down payment over the phone. We were expected to show up on Tuesday to take delivery and finish the paperwork. Upon arrival, I inquire about the remaining warranty left on this Certified Pre Owned vehicle. At which time Bart comes out of his office, and tells us that on the phone he specifically told me last night before we reached an agreement that he said we agreed that we would not get a warranty, this is False, the topic of warranty was never discussed on the phone. on top of which, Tuesday morning before we went to go take delivery of the vehicle, we received a phone call that others were coming to look into buying the car, after which we've already made a down payment. The tone of Bart and Lenny's voice were both very Bully-ish, and after we reached an agreement, they decide to take away the certified pre owned status of the car. This was not what we agreed to and the purchase ultimately did not take place.

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244 reviews
Yelp Review Bilal Z.
Had an awesome experience at Pohanka. I was helped in the door by Faran. Faran and Rameem gave us all the info we needed in our car buying process and did... read more
Yelp Review Malik M.
Probably one of the best dealerships in the DMV. 1.GREAT SERVICE The hours are amazing . They under their clients and realize that we have busy schedules... read more
Yelp Review John D.
We took our 2005 Acura MDX there to get our AC fixed. They charged us $1700 and the AC worked fine for six weeks. Yesterday it died. We're taking it back to... read more


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