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Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg
60 S Gateway Dr, Fredericksburg, VA 22406
    (540) 654-7000

Business Hours

Monday: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Tuesday: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Thursday: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Friday: 5:30 AM - 10:30 PM
Saturday: 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM


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Latitude: 38.3438693    Longitude: -77.4905787


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Scott Streisel Scott Streisel
Star Rating 4
I recently purchased a 2018 Accord Sport from Pohanka Honda. I have purchased 3 other cars through them. This experience was overall good and very similar to the last two. The salesmen I worked with were great. This most recent experience I worked with Norman Conner. He was a fairly new salesman that had clearly put in the time to try and learn the cars and had a very low pressure style. There are car salesman and there are people who will sell a lot of cars because they are not what people expect when dealing with car salesman. Norman is the latter and will help you with anything he can. He worked tirelessly with me to make sure that I was happy with the process and the results. I would definitely request Norman if I were looking for a car in the future. As this review is for Pohanka and not Norman I removed one star due to amount of time it takes to get the car once the purchase price is agreed upon. I know this probably isn't that different from other dealerships, but as smoothly as the front end of the process runs it seems the back end is the weak point in the chain.
Duaine Mo Duaine Mo
Star Rating 5
As good an experience as you can get from a car dealership. We all know we hate to deal with dealerships because of whatever reason. I am the same but of the dealerships I have dealt with in this area (of 12) Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg is top notch, bar none, in my experience. I bought 1st the 2015, V-6 Touring and now 2018, 2.0 Touring from them. I have been in talks with Don E. since November when the new models came out and he has patiently walked me through my decision. I just traded the 2015 in for the awesome 2018 model. This 2018 model is what kept me from finally walking away from the Accord after over 26 years of Accords. Because Don had been snagged by other patrons desiring his expertise, he asked Mitch M. to help and Mitch then walked me through the final process to purchase. Mitch answered all my questions, was quite patient with my questions and absolutely knowledgeable. He then helped me set up the technology part and all the inner workings of this beast that is the new Honda Accord, 2.0 Touring. For the financing part, James S. was on top of his game as well as he presented some excellent additions/ add-ons and respected my desires with no hassling. If you are in the market for a new car (Honda especially), definitely give Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg a fair shot. I hope you get the pleasure and professionalism of Don, Mitch, and James.
Tanner Seese Tanner Seese
Star Rating 1
I purchased a 2018 Honda Accord from Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg in October of 2017. During the initial experience, both the sales and finance representatives rushed through their obligations to explain details about the transaction to me, seemingly like children at the end of a school day in an attempt to be the first to run out of the classroom once the bell rang. During this blitz, I was told that one oil change would be included with the purchase of the car within the first year. I had requested that I be able to have this done at a Richmond Area Honda Dealer, to which the sales representative agreed and mentioned that I just needed to call Pohanka prior to scheduling. I just called Pohanka to schedule this oil change as originally discussed and was told that I had to bring the car to a Pohanka family dealership and that there was nothing that could be done about the sales representative "misspeaking". This did not come as a surprise to me as I had to follow-up 10-12 times as my license plates were not sent to me prior to the temporary tags expiring. I found out during that process that the sales rep hard left shortly after my purchase. If Pohanka trains their sales representatives to give transparent, thorough information to provide the customer the best overall experience, neither the sales nor the finance representatives did their job. If Pohanka trains their sales representatives to make "small mistakes" to get the sale, then the sales representative did their job and I will take my car to a Richmond area dealership and pay for the oil change. I will also, in no circumstance, recommend Pohanka Honda to anyone if they are looking at Honda cars. I will actively advocate against Pohanka dealerships as their training objectives are most certainly the same.
boricua22407 boricua22407
Star Rating 1
Horrible customer service. We arrived with a trade. The sales person asked immediately what the payoff/monthly payment was. I can understand the question, but did not feel like revealing it just yet, which has nothing to do with telling me how much they plan on offering for a trade. From that point, the service took a nose dive. We were having a -transparent- session, in which he told me his position and I told him mine (i.e you-re one of a few dealers that we-re going to meet today, unless you have an earth shattering deal that will keep us here). After the session, we were left both waiting around and/or given the salesperson-s 57% effort. After an hour of this lackluster customer service, the vehicles that we wanted to look at started all -selling- and were not available for purchase. The last straw occurred while waiting for the salesperson to bring out keys to another vehicle. After five minutes of waiting outside in the sun, the salesperson didn-t bring the keys, but his manager, who attempted to politely chastise us while boasting how many cars they sell and that they know what they-re doing. Capping it off by essentially telling me if they ask a question I need to fully reveal my hand and answer with a smile and salute. Totally unacceptable behavior by a dealership, even worse by a manager of the dealership. The funny thing is, we were actually going back to purchase our favorite vehicle, but chose not to because of the totally abhorrent behavior by the manager and his staff. The Toyota dealer totally took care of us from start to finish and we are extremely satisfied by the vehicle and customer service. Seems to me that the manager needs to do a better job managing his attitude.
Denzel Bibbs Denzel Bibbs
Star Rating 5
Had a great experience at this place, and it also was my first time being here. The drive was a little further then I expected but it all was for a good reason. I worked with Hillary, she was so awesome and she has good work skills. She has good energy and she helped me get a great 2018 Honda Accord sport. If you guys ever go to the Pohanka Honda in va, I recommend you going to Hillary she is great. Thanks Hillary

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Love how Honda gives you free state inspection when you purchase a vehicle from them. There is always a wait and they ALWAYS trying to sell you something in... read more
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Maureen Summerill is AMAZING to work with on buying online! I live 500 miles from this dealership, and was shopping for a new Honda Odyssey... read more
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