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Rosenthal Fairfax Honda
11020 Fairfax Blvd, Fairfax, VA 22030
    (703) 934-8500

Business Hours

Monday: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday: 6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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Latitude: 38.8543787    Longitude: -77.3259396


The MECHAN℠ Grade is derived by analyzing reviews from multiple sources to evaluate level of customer satisfaction. A small sampling of reviews are included below from providers who have granted MECHAN℠ permission to share them with you. Additional reviews may be available clicking links and visiting review providers not listed.

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George Cook George Cook
Star Rating 5
My experience with Rosenthal Honda was great. I saw a very good deal on a 2012 Subaru Forester with low mileage for the age and Sultan worked around my time schedule to get me in the door for a test drive - it was exactly what I was looking for. I couldn't/didn't feel the need to haggle much because the price was already good but Sultan made sure I was satisfied before moving forward. David handled the financing and ended up getting me a better interest rate than the loan I was already planning on using. Also they gave me a very reasonable offer for a trade-in on the car I was driving at the time, which was not what I had expected at all. All in all - extremely friendly and personable people, didn't once feel like I was getting worked by the salesman or finance guy. Would recommend.
Christine Kim Christine Kim
Star Rating 5
I got a car from this dealership last week and although my entire experience was not 5 stars, I give them all 5 because of my sales consultant, STEVE. He was so amazing, honest & most importantly, not pushy. I never once felt like I was being taken advantage of he and he was even knowledgeable about financing options. The floor managers/finance managers i cant say the same about but i will overlook that slightly uncomfortable experience because Steve was just that great. If you go here, I highly recommend going straight to him!!!!!!
Steve Blackburn Steve Blackburn
Star Rating 5
Finally got around to arranging for the recall replacement of my Airbags on my '07 Element. The crew here was friendly, quick and efficient. Had a shuttle available right away to take me back to work. The driver was super friendly. Wish I was better with names. Had a really good experience and will likely have my Toaster serviced here again.
David Minter David Minter
Star Rating 2
Update - I've reached out to the Service Team twice (at the "owner's "request below) in the past 2 weeks and still have not received a reply back or confirmation that they've received my message. We purchased our 2011 Honda Odyssey from Rosenthal Fairfax Honda and while they offered a decent price, they offered us a defective product. When we purchased the van, the front fender looked fantastic as we inspected it with a fine tooth comb. The day we came to pick it up, there was a giant scuff on the front fender that they claimed was already there (it wasn't). After some coaxing, they agreed to fix it. Then shortly after we took it off the lot, the paint on the front fender started peeling all over the place. We took it back and they agreed to fix some of the peeled paint but not all of it. It has since just gotten worse and worse. When you pay $27000 for a vehicle, you expect that the paint won't start peeling like this. If you purchase your vehicle from Rosenthal, make sure you have some protections in place to prevent what happened to us from happening to you.
David Singer David Singer
Star Rating 5
The staff at Fairfax Honda have always been professional, very competent, and helpful. I've never had a problem, post service, in the 24 years I've been using them. They're very customer friendly: coffee, donuts, newspapers, fruit, and of course TV, in the waiting area. Also free shuttle service to home or the Vienna Metro. I've recommended them countless times over the years.

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Rating 2.58 Stars   (12)
YP Review Nancy S.
Star Rating 1
I have to agree with Mocha B. I had an appt with the salesman, Basky, to purchase a new CRV with the price in writing and agreed upon. Once I sat down to sign paperwork, I was told the price was too low and they were going to have to charge me an additional $1200 (shd be $3000 but they were going to give me a deal!) Really? It was a bait and switch thing and I felt so duped and disrespected. Of course, I walked (stormed) out and drove over to TYSONS CORNER HONDA where they treated me with dignity and respect and sold me the car I wanted at the price they had quoted (to match Fairfax Honda's price). DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM FAIRFAX HONDA. Go see Mohamed and Tysons. They know how to treat customers and are respectful to women buyers.
YP Review Jn Y.
Star Rating 1
It took about a month to get warranty service estimate and no one ever cared until I called them back and asked what is going on.Now they refuse me for the warranty service job and made me go to somewhere else to start all over.I explained every details that they need to know from the beginning and now they are saying something else. It's just a big mess and waste of my time.
YP Review Mocha B.
Star Rating 1
Horrible place to go if you are a single woman. I've purchased two vehicles on my own and I've never been treated with such disgrace and disrespect as I was at Fairfax Honda. Very unfair and will take advantage of you if you let them. If you don't purchase a car from them on their terms, and they've already pulled your credit report, the will report to the credit bureau that you were not eligible to buy a car from them, even after they had already approved you. I learned a few very valuable lessons. #1 DO NOT GO TO FAIRFAX HONDA EVER, especially if you are a single woman; #2 never let them pull your credit report until you are 100% certain you are going to close the deal; #3 THESE GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS AND ARE NOT NICE PEOPLE AT ALL.
YP Review Soonmin K.
Star Rating 1
I really disappointed with 2014 honda odyssey I have that and just 9700miles... I am a mechanic for 7 I did oil change in my shop..but I have found that problem with oil filter thread...when I took it out the filter...It is something wrong...and reinstall old filter but It could not tie...I look at the oil filter thread...It something wrong.,,,oil filter must be hand tie only...but I I use my tool to I sent to the honda service center..but service advisor told me that is my I have to pay for repair...I really upset....I am not that stupid....even I wanted to talk to service manager so I left my name and phone number..but he never call me back...and hugo who is service guy gave me free rental car and a little discount...but it is not the money problem...I really disappointed with odyssey...even I have 7 year 100000miles warranty...but no one can help me....warranty...and service one....
YP Review ericabalos
Star Rating 5
Im really pleased with service given by Mr. Hugo Cajina. He was very polite and accomodating when I took my Honda Pilot for its 1st change oil 5k.

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170 reviews
Yelp Review Drew Y.
I bought a 2012 VW CC from this dealer. Not a bad buying experience but the service on the car was horrible. I bought the extended care program thru VW... read more
Yelp Review Stacey L.
Well I was super excited to go there and test drive a vehicle that the website said was in stock there. We got there and started to look around and were... read more
Yelp Review Dillon F.
Update: purchased a 2018 Accord in December. It's a great car! Had issues with the Cilajet protection (paint got damaged), but the service department is... read more


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