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Ourisman Chantilly Toyota
4135 Auto Park Cir, Chantilly, VA 20151
    (703) 378-2121

Business Hours

Monday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM


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Latitude: 38.905141    Longitude: -77.461154


The MECHAN℠ Grade is derived by analyzing reviews from multiple sources to evaluate level of customer satisfaction. A small sampling of reviews are included below from providers who have granted MECHAN℠ permission to share them with you. Additional reviews may be available clicking links and visiting review providers not listed.

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C F Stan C F Stan
Star Rating 3
I liked that employees were outside all ready to greet you and escort you to where ever you needed to go. I liked that the manager remembered my name and details about my visit, even upon returning (to buy another car). Not sure if it was the panic of spending such a large amount of money or not, but I only felt pressured when it appeared I was ready to commit. But, then again, with the second car I didn't have to buy so I didn't feel any pressure then to just walk away. The cars are in great condition and driving well. Very impressed with the customer service. A follow up. With the first car we were told it was a hybrid and we chose to purchase it because of that reason. Our decision was between a 2013 hybrid and 2016 gasoline, but even after I questioned there was no signs of the 2013 being a hybrid and on a second visit presenting a print out of the exact car advertising it was not a hybrid, we were even shown under the hood, the salesman even said he'd verify and returned stating it was indeed a hybrid, no question. Well, after a ride down to Richmond and noticing the mileage was that not of a hybrid, I looked up the VIN and discovered the car was indeed not a hybrid. No one wants to be lied to and I felt I had brought the issue up twice. I go back to my first paragraph where I felt uneasy and this is probably why, something just didn't sit right. I wrote several people at the dealership of my disappointment and have not received a single reply back, not even an apology. I do love the car, but I had a choice and chose by what I was informed, which was false.
Pam Austin Pam Austin
Star Rating 2
We had two cars in on the same day. For mine, they wanted to charge me $1200 for some issues that were largely because the 60,000 mile warranty had expired. I said no, and ended up paying over $300 for the work they did do - essentially checking the fluids. Then they held on to my step-son's vehicle, even when we inquired about it three times. We were waiting outside in the waiting room after being told that the paperwork would "take a few minutes." After about 15 minutes, I went to inquire, and found that the person in charge of the paperwork thought it wasn't due for another hour, and got annoyed when I said we'd be waiting. They wanted to charge about $1,200 for problems with his vehicle, as well. He ended up paying almost $300 for new wiper blades and an oil change. They charge as much as they can, then try to get you to pay for repairs that may be an issue, but probably are not. They've been OK in the past, which is why they get two stars, but today erased that past good track record. I don't mind paying for legitimate repairs, but I really felt like they were pushing a lot of repairs that were simply things that had some minor issues, but weren't in need of fixing. Be careful about what you need done to your car, and consider getting a second opinion if you don't think what they are telling you is true.
Sabrina Etienne Sabrina Etienne
Star Rating 5
I had the best experience with Greg my car dealer, he offered me all of the options I qualified for. He took his time and was really patient with me throughout the deal. Ourisman Toyota is one of the best dealerships I-ve been to. I even rang the bell with Ryan the business manager!!
Amr Ibrahim Amr Ibrahim
Star Rating 5
I just recently purchased a 2018 Toyota Corolla LE from this dealership. From the moment I was greeted to the moment I received the keys, I was treated with absolute respect, professionalism, kindness, and care by everyone at Ourisman. I-m so happy with my Corolla and even more happy that I bought it from Ourisman. A special thanks to the sales floor manager, Aly, for being the main reason I purchased the car that same day. Had it not been for his professionalism and expertise in handling my purchase, I would-ve likely purchased another car I had test drove from another dealership in that area.
caroline patton caroline patton
Star Rating 5
Very quick and efficient. Two Sean-s looked after me and so did Paula. I have to say I opt to sit and wait for my car to be serviced as the customer care is great, very polite, attentive and friendly. Thank you ??

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Rating 1 Stars   (2)
YP Review M Y.
Star Rating 1
I just wanted to tell anyone that is planning to go there to buy a advice to you DON'T DON'T DON'T.. it will be the biggest mistake you do ... the sales people are very pushy and they will give you a very rude behavior once you say give me a minute to think, and also asking any question is a big NO , they want to sell the car that's all, I went today for an oil change and I told them about a noise I hear from day one and the customer service MANAGER DOUG started yelling telling me how hard his life with dealing with customers and just walked away after that creating a big scene, will never go there again and we will never ever recommend this place for anyone
YP Review jmayle
Star Rating 1
Shouldn't have gotten any stars! They sold us a certified car that we later discovered had been wrecked! They offered to "make it right" but would only pay for 1 part. No monetary reimbursement for paying extra for certified. Won't EVER buy another car from them again!!!

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150 reviews
Yelp Review Sonnya B.
Excellent service. But it's expensive. Pros: service. The person who helped us on the phone was very polite. Our service manager was also excellent. Super... read more
Yelp Review Diana i.
All of the employees will be nice to you when you are about to buy your car (of course). But once the car is bought and you come back with an issue, they... read more
Yelp Review Marwan A.
As always pretty wonderful place my cars battery died on sunday inwhich its the day off of the service department , i called the sale department and some... read more


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