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Pep Boys Auto Parts & Service
1509 Easton Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090
    (215) 830-0633

Business Hours

Monday: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Thursday: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday: 7:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Saturday: 7:30 AM - 8:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM


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Latitude: 40.16034    Longitude: -75.122


The MECHAN℠ Grade is derived by analyzing reviews from multiple sources to evaluate level of customer satisfaction. A small sampling of reviews are included below from providers who have granted MECHAN℠ permission to share them with you. Additional reviews may be available clicking links and visiting review providers not listed.

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Marc Lilly Marc Lilly
Star Rating 1
I had taken my car to this location to get the rear brakes on it replaced. I had been told that it would only take 3 hours and Id be able to pick it up early the next morning. However, it wasn-t ready until mid afternoon. I had also seen other customers voicing their frustration at the employees lack of being able to give an accurate wait time. During this process, they gave me no updates, and only told me that it would be done -soon-. After all that, they tried charging me way more than the original quote that they had given me. Their store portion of the building is ok, they-ve always had the basic things that I need for my cars, but the car service portion has completely ruined this location for me. I had given this store multiple chances but I will definitely not be coming back.
Craig Davidson Craig Davidson
Star Rating 1
I called Pep Boys in Warminster, PA for a simple tune up and asked how much it would cost. After being placed on hold twice I was told $225. I called the Pep Boys in Willow Grove, PA and was told $495, for a tune up. After calling a few other places I called the Warminster Pep Boys again, this time reaching someone else, and asked what all is included in the tune up. I was given this long speech on a diagnostic being needed, why they can't just fix what I ask without it (so I don't come back, say they didn't fix such and such, and get my money back), etc. I asked again what's included and was told they don't add unnecessary repairs, never giving me a direct answer. So I finally just asked how much it'll cost. $580!! For a tune up!! Yeah, there's no way a diagnostic, switching out spark plugs and wires should cost almost $600 when the parts alone are $60+ at Auto Zone. I DO NOT recommend having your vehicles serviced at the Warminster Auto Zone.
C Blevins C Blevins
Star Rating 5
These guys have been consistently good to me when I take my vehicles there for PA inspections. I have gotten my vehicle back when it was promised Everytime so far. I just got four new tires from Pep Boys on my station wagon and it rides like a dream now. I shopped around for a decent tire at a low price and they had them in stock and put them on fast. The mechanic who performed work on my car was present when I paid and I'm sure he did the best job. I used to work as a mechanic so I am particular about service and these guys do it well.
anthony riotto anthony riotto
Star Rating 1
Took my car to be inspected and ok I showed up late and didn't have everything so I understand they told me 2 hrs till it can be brought in I come back at 1:30 and they bring it in and it is currently 4:01pm and they say another 20mins?!?! Inspection should take anywhere from 30mins-1hr not 2hrs and 50mins(that's what they tell me another 20mins) don't come here and I'm sitting next to a guy who's been here since 10:30am ???????? if I could I would get it a 1/2 star but sadly enough I can't (I definitely will not be working for this company at all)
Star Rating 1
Normally it is a great experience going there, but I guess on Sunday's the "C" team is at work. What's the point of having an appointment for an inspection and you arrive 15 minutes early and you end up leaving 4 hours later. Then to add insult to injury, we are told that if we take the car with us and not let them do the repairs, we would have to go through inspection all over again. I get once the repairs are complete they would have to check the work but to state we would have to do a brand new inspection is a little over the top. If this was Grade School and I was giving out marks from A to F, these guys would get a "Q".

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Rating 1 Stars   (1)
YP Review Alicia M.
Star Rating 1
After an oil change with my regular mechanic my older car was leaking a small amount of oil from the bolt on the oil pan, pretty obvious to find just by looking at it. Since my regular mechanic is 70 miles away, I take it to Pepboys to get it tightened up or the gasket changed so it stops leaking. They called a few hours later and told me that the oil pan is stripped and the whole thing will need a the cost of hundreds of dollars. I took the rest of the day off to take the car to my mechanic to get a second opinion. The oil pan is not stripped, the gasket is just bad, anyone with a minimal amount of mechanical ability can tell when a bolt is stripped or not. He did an oil change, problem fixed. He also looked under the hood for me and found this: 1. The air filter housing was unbolted and open, the bolts were nowhere to be found. 2. The cover on the battery positive terminal was left off 3. Instead of just looking at it, they dumped greenish dye into my oil tank for a "leak evaluation", completely unnecessary, and made it impossible to re-use the oil, which we just put in there two weeks ago. Keep in mind, my mechanic did a whole work up of the car two weeks ago, and none of this was an issue before Pep Boys touched it, it left them worse than when I brought it in, and they tried to charge me HUNDREDS FOR A PROBLEM THAT DIDN'T EXIST. Take from this what you will, at best these people are extremely incompetent, at worst they are liars and outright crooks that think they can take advantage of young women who don't look like they know much about cars.

powered by Yelp
37 reviews
Yelp Review Hal S.
Made an online appointment for Sunday afternoon for rotate and balance. Arrived a few minutes early. The car sat in the parking lot for over an hour... read more
Yelp Review Jessica R.
I made an appointment for a 9am state inspection. I was told this is the earliest time so no one would be in front of me. I was called at 8:30 to confirm,... read more
Yelp Review Deb P.
I would give negative stars if it was an option. Made 9 am appointment today for oil change and inspection. Checked in at 850 am, to be informed that they... read more


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